This week is a special minisode, just a half-week segment on the Infinite Summer Reading Schedule. Look, life happens. But then somehow we managed to talk about half as many pages for about the same amount of time as always. Is it possible that we’re just two old friends who like getting together once a week and yammering? Maaaaybe.

Here’s the button that Fuzzy gave Kate: DFW Button

For next episode, read pages 728-801 if you’re reading along.

For next episode, read pages 612-685 if you’re reading along.

6 - Challenging the Audience (pg 391-464)

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A shorter episode than we’ve been doing so far, and a shocking reveal two-thirds of the way through the podcast. Are there any show notes? Not really. We still haven’t actually made Kate’s shirt.

For next episode, read pages 465-537 if you’re reading along.

5 - Get Into It (pg 317-390)

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Show notes: * Kate mentioned reading two articles about women reading DFW: Men Recommend David Foster Wallace to Me and Why Literary Chauvinists Love David Foster Wallace * The video for the The Decemberists song “Calamity Song” features the game of Eschaton from this section. * Kate mentions the classic Steve Delahoyde video 238 Miles. * We didn’t mention it in the podcast, but off-air Kate saw that Bill Gates is reading “every word” written by DFW.

For next episode, read pages 391-464 if you’re reading along.

2 - A Critical and Unkind Eye (pg 95-168)

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We did it! We started the book and came back for a second week anyway!

Because we’ve recorded a few more than we’ve released, I mentioned the Pre-Taped Call In Show and if you’ve never seen that Mr. Show sketch, you should.

New things this week include our email address: - as we note in the episode, we probably won’t respond if you send us email. So… there you go.

For next episode, read pages 169-242 if you’re reading along.